Hemmesphere Lighting is a beautiful and dynamic series of lights creatively taking its name from and showcasing the interior design accessories of Barend Massow Hemmes. Conceived and established in London in 1997 the contemporary lighting range is a fitting portfolio by a noteworthy designer with international influences and perspectives on interior design.

The Hemmesphere lighting range applies a philosophy that speaks for itself; in its approachable, anatomical and geometric designs that give unlimited and undiscovered options, and that demonstrate the many ways that light can reveal itself, affording Hemmesphere clients the opportunity to use lighting as a way to express creativity.

As a company that defines energy design, Hemmesphere lighting remains up to date with new technologies that allow us to interpret new designs using algorithms and harnessing parametric design. Constantly thinking outside of the box, we are deliberate about lowering the waste of manufacturing whilst providing a quality and contemporary product through a process of manufacturing, that results in aesthetic qualities which questions people’s interpretation of form and structure.

With an ethos built on the idea of play, where the customer feels compelled to experiment with what the light can unveil, Hemmesphere works with its client base of home-owners, decoraters and designers to ensure that any spatial requirements can be met using one of Hemmesphere’s unique and immediately recognisable lighting designs.